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MonoSol Celebrates Parent-Company Kuraray’s 90th Anniversary

MonoSol Celebrates Kuraray's 90th Anniversary
Top Left
Junichi “Jack” Fujiwara, Vice President - Administration (on left) and P. Scott Bening, President & CEO - MonoSol, GM - Water Soluble Film Division (on right) – Portage, Indiana Facility

Top Center
Norihisa “Otis” Sato, Marketing and Sales Manager (on left) and Tim Boyle, Senior Vice President - Global Operations (on right) – DuneLand, Portage, Indiana Facility

Top Right
Tom Yogan, Senior Vice President - Technology (on left) and Shinichi “Sean” Koga, Senior Process Engineer (on right) – LaPorte, Indiana Facility

Bottom Left
Ian Champken, Production Manager (on left) and Sharon Brown, Associate Director - Operations (on right) with MonoSol employees in background – Hartlebury, UK Facility

Bottom Right
John Gornto, Vice President - Human Resources and Risk Management (on left) and Christian Herrmanns, Vice President Marketing & Sales (on right) – Merrillville Corporate Headquarters

September 21, 2016 – MonoSol, the global technology and innovation leader in water-soluble films, celebrates the 90th anniversary of its parent company Kuraray. To commemorate this significant milestone and the Kuraray Group’s commitment to improve the environment, MonoSol planted cherry blossom trees at all its locations yesterday, including its headquarters in Merrillville, Indiana, U.S. and several production facilities in Northwest Indiana and Hartlebury, U.K.

Kuraray was founded in Japan in 1926 for the purpose of commercializing synthetic rayon, which was cutting edge technology at the time. Since then, the company has grown its business from fibers and textiles to include plastics, artificial leather, food packaging films, polarizers for LCDs and more. With its acquisition of MonoSol in 2012, Kuraray expanded its product offering of PVA films into a wider range of industrial applications such as unit-dose packaging.

“Here at MonoSol, we are proud to be part of the Kuraray family. We share a common mission to improve the environment and enhance the quality of life throughout the world by developing new fields of business using pioneering technology,” said P. Scott Bening, MonoSol President and CEO, Division Head of the Kuraray WS Film Division. “Combining MonoSol’s 60-year history of innovation with Kuraray’s 90 years, we’ve created a dynamic business of tremendous strength and stability.”

To honor the anniversary, every Kuraray division is planting Japan’s national tree, the cherry blossom, at their facilities. Commemorative plaques placed under each tree state Kuraray’s mission: “For the people and the planet – to achieve what no one else can.” Additionally, inspired by Kuraray’s ongoing Sending School Backpacks Across the Sea campaign, MonoSol employees organized their own Operation Backpack drive, filling over 200 backpacks to donate to local children in need.

About MonoSol, Kuraray’s Water-Soluble Film Division
Kuraray’s WS Film Division, MonoSol LLC, enhances everyday life. As the global technology and innovation leader in water-soluble (WS) delivery systems since 1953, MonoSol serves a wide range of applications from unit-dose laundry and automatic dishwasher detergents to mold release technologies for the fabrication of solid surface and composite materials. From its unit-dose market foundation in the agricultural chemical industry, MonoSol is venturing into new spaces such as personal care, food ingredients, water treatment and oil and gas to help customers make life easier, safer and more convenient.

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