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NJM Packaging Introduces the Cremer CFS-622*4 Tablet Counter with Optel CountSafe™ Inspection and Ejection Systems

February 9, 2016 – NJM Packaging introduces the Cremer CFS-622*4 tablet counter with Optel CountSafe™ vision inspection system and automatic tablet ejection at Interphex booth #2353. For manufacturers and contract packagers that bottle tablets, capsules and softgels at speeds of up to 200 bpm, this integrated system from NJM maximizes production flexibility and eases use while ensuring the highest product quality at high throughputs in a compact footprint.
The versatile Cremer CFS-622*4 is a servo-driven counting and filling system featuring a modular design with a main frame that accommodates one, two, three or four counting modules. The innovative and patented counting modules each feature six discharge channels that enable it to achieve outputs of up to 50 bpm per module. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers and packagers can start with one or two counting modules and easily add more in the field as needs change to achieve filling speeds of up to 200 bpm in only 3076 mm (121 inches) of floor space.

Guaranteeing 100 percent counting accuracy at high speeds, this state-of-the-art tablet counter can be integrated with Optel’s CountSafe to guarantee 100 percent rejection of rogue doses, defects, broken product and foreign material. With CountSafe, the CFS-622*4 eliminates the risk of cross contamination and packaging broken product to reduce customer complaints and the risk of a recall.

The CountSafe inspection system verifies the color, size and shape of objects and detects any foreign material and non-conforming tablets, capsules and softgels. Positioned above the vibratory plates that feed product to the counter/filler, CountSafe achieves 100 percent inspection immediately prior to the product falling into the bottles. The inspection system can be integrated with the standard Cremer bottle reject device or the optional tablet ejection system.

The Optel tablet ejection system features a vacuum arm on a servo-driven two-axis linear robot that rides over the product on the vibratory plates that feed the counter/filler. When the CountSafe inspection system identifies a rogue dose, defect, broken product or foreign material, it immediately stops the vibratory plate and actuates the tablet ejection system to vacuum up the non-conforming object, which is deposited in a closed bin, all in less than 5 seconds. Compared to rejecting a filled bottle that includes a rogue dose or defect, this tablet ejection system ensures only good product is bottled, which reduces product loss and rework.

NJM’s integrated system handles coated and uncoated tablets, capsules and softgels, including dual-colored products, from 4 to 30 mm in length and 2.5 to 20 mm in diameter. Featuring a feedscrew infeed and intermittent-motion bottle handling and filling, the CFS-622*4 fills round, oval and rectangular bottles made of plastic or glass that are 40 to 200 mm (1.6 to 7.9 inches) high and 20 to 125 mm (0.8 to 4.9 inches) in diameter.

Setup and changeovers are fast and easy. The CountSafe inspection system comes with its own color touchscreen and preconfigured vision software – operators simply load the product recipe from the Optel touchscreen. For product changeovers that require cleaning, the CFS-622*4 can be disassembled and reassembled in less than 20 minutes. Bottle size changes can be made in less than 5 minutes with one change part and no tools required.

The servo-driven feedscrew and ‘dipping’ filling nozzles achieve fast and accurate bottle handling and product filling. The servo-driven vibratory plates, product separator flaps and discharge flaps provide fast and consistent product flow while minimizing maintenance. Product contact parts are made of FDA-approved materials that are suitable for autoclave cleaning. Optional cleaning trolleys can be used for convenient contact part cleaning and storage.

The integrated system is cGMP-compliant and meets 21 CFR part 11 guidelines. The standard Lexan guarding enables easy accessibility while maintaining worker safety. NJM can equip the CFS-622*4 with an optional dust extraction system for uncoated tablets and/or an optional ionization bar to reduce static charge. The standard bottle reject system guarantees that only correctly filled bottles pass through the outfeed. A back-up sensor at the discharge reduces floorspace requirements by eliminating the need for bottle accumulation after the counter/filler.

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