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Global Produce & Floral Show Booth #4527:
WECO and Multiscan Technologies Present World-Class Optical Sorting Equipment at Global Produce and Floral Show
S30 optical sorter from Multiscan
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S30 optical sorter from Multiscan
Sortivator line from WECO
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Sortivator fresh-pack line from WECO

October 5, 2023 – WECO and Multiscan Technologies, both members of Duravant’s Food Sorting and Handling Solutions group, will exhibit together at the Global Produce and Floral Show, October 19-21, in booth #4527. Providing advanced optical sorting systems and other vision inspection solutions, backed by industry-leading service, WECO and Multiscan help customers manage product quality, improve yield, increase line throughput and reduce labor requirements.

“Food growers and fresh packers are facing challenges from all sides, including fluctuations in crop quality due to extreme weather, worker shortages and shrinking profit margins. WECO and Multiscan’s popular equipment rental program addresses these problems by enabling customers to automate operations and better protect product quality while stretching their budgets by simply leasing high-quality equipment for the season,” said Jack Lee, Duravant Group President - Food Sorting and Handling Solutions. “During any harvesting season, every second of uptime is essential, so we support our systems with best-in-class, around-the-clock service to keep our customers’ equipment operating at peak performance.”

At the show, WECO is presenting their Sortivator fresh-pack line for cleaning and sorting blueberries. Each integrated line is customized for the customer’s application, incorporating systems for eliminating debris, removing soft fruit, sorting by color and/or by size, including “jumbo sizing” to remove larger fruit, if needed. Controlled from a single touchscreen control panel, the Sortivator fresh-pack line provides fast, gentle and effective blueberry sorting for big and small operations, whether the fruit is harvested mechanically or by hand.

Multiscan is showcasing their compact S30 optical sorter for cherry and grape tomatoes. Sorting the product by quality, color, size and shape, the S30 features SpinSort technology, which rotates each object 360 degrees for comprehensive inspection and thorough removal of target defects. Multiscan offers this versatile solution in a variety of different configurations to suit the customer’s application and floorspace requirements. By automating product sorting, the S30 maximizes line efficiency and minimizes labor while ensuring product meets quality standards.

For more information about WECO, visit www.wecotek.com. For more information about Multiscan, visit www.multiscan.eu.

About WECO
WECO (Woodside Electronics Corporation), based in Woodland, California, has been designing, manufacturing and servicing electronic sorters for over thirty years with thousands of units successfully deployed worldwide. WECO serves various industries including tomatoes, walnuts, blueberries, pecans and wine grapes. WECO has multiple locations throughout the United States with offices in Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico and Georgia, as well as coverage of the South American region through a company office in Chile.  For more information, visit www.wecotek.com.

About Multiscan Technologies
Multiscan Technologies develops automation technology for the sorting and inspection of fruits, vegetables and other food produce. Multiscan is passionate about the application of advanced vision technologies to improve food quality, including through a unique 360º product inspection process. With more than 25 years of experience, the value proposition of Multiscan solutions reflects the application of four key concepts: Customer first, Innovation, Global mindset, and Sustainability. For more information, visit www.multiscan.eu.

About Duravant
Headquartered in Downers Grove, IL, Duravant is a global engineered equipment company with manufacturing, sales and service facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Through their portfolio of operating companies, Duravant delivers trusted end-to-end process solutions for customers and partners through engineering and integration expertise, project management and operational excellence. With worldwide sales distribution and service networks, they provide immediate and lifetime aftermarket support to all the markets they serve in the food processing, packaging and material handling sectors. Duravant’s market-leading brands are synonymous with innovation, durability and reliability. For more information, visit www.duravant.com.

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